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District Champs!

Posted by ekoenigsknecht on March 7, 2013 at 9:55 AM Comments comments (0)

Congrats!! South Lyon Competitive Cheerleading is THREE TIME DISTRICT CHAMPS! Great work girls... keep conditioning in the off season so next year we can secure a spot in Grand Rapids for the state finals!

Warm up jacket!

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This is what the warm up jacket will look like :)

Competitive Season Update

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Hello! I wanted to write a quick note to inform all parents of some things at the beginning of the season.  We are off to a GREAT start! The girls are working really hard, and we have almost all of our material learned.  We appreciate your diligence in making appointments around our schedule as much as possible--we know there isn't much room right now!  We are hoping that we will be able to shorten practice, or eliminate one practice a week after the month of December   Thanks again!


1.  The December calendar will be out within 24 hours--I want to make sure I have everything on it.


2.  Pay to play is due ($175.00) AND picture day is DECEMBER 3rd.  The girls were offered a fundraiser to help with pay to play, and that is due TODAY, November 28th.  Your daughter should've brought you a picture form as well.


3.  Order forms will be coming out for a warm up jacket.  The cheer fund is buying the warm up pants for them to use (because the girls said they wouldn't use these after the season) but the girls are responsible for buying the jacket.  This should cost around $35.00.  It will include an embroidery that says SLHS Cheer.  If your daughter wants her name and year embroidered on the other chest of the jacket as well it will be an additional $6.00.  I am having a sample brought in for the girls to try on before they pick their size.  I will also post a sizing chart where you can measure your daughter and pick the size according to the chart.  I will put it on the twitter when the order form is ready!


4.  ANY GIRLS WITHOUT BOWS from last season--the Varsity gold sparkle bow need to let me know and I will order a new one.  The bows are $9.00


5.  Make sure that you have ordered your Nfinity shoes.  All girls are required to have the Nfinity Evolution shoes by the December 12th competition. 


6.  Last but not least--the girls designed an outfit to wear at competitions while warming up.  It is a black and pink t shirt and pink shorts.  The cost for BOTH the shirt and shorts is going to be $25.00.  I will put on the twitter when this is due


Thank you for your time! Please email us if you have ANY questions.  


Coach K and Coach Erin

VARSITY: Red Out Game Details...

Posted by ekoenigsknecht on September 12, 2012 at 8:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Varsity: Here is an update on Thursday and Friday for the Red Out Game.


1. Thursday after school meet in the commons and you will go hang your player signs as a team.


2. Friday WEAR YOUR RED OUT SHIRT AND BOW to school with JEANS.


3. Friday be READY for the game at 5:15 wearing your NEW uniform but instead of the shell wear your red out shirt. This is what has been done in the past. Wear your navy body liner as well. Also, don't forget your awesome red bows


4. Team dinner starts at 5:15....Thanks to Arie's mom, Heather!


5. You will go out to the track at 6:00 PM. Please don't make coach Erin tell you to remove jewelry and stuff.


6. Warm up your gymnastics and stunts like normal. Please review the SLHS with Poms and the heart. Also review the 5 time out stunts and the quarter stunt. A few things to keep in mind for the game since I won't be here to remind you:


  • BE LOUD--it's our first home game!!!!!
  • Stay in lines without talking and hands behind your back while watching the game--this looks professional
  • Keep only water on the track with you hidden in your poms on the ground. Keep your poms in neat lines with your bags lined up neatly
  • Be in lines for the national anthem please
  • Throw lots of stunts--the crowd likes stunting
  • Do your game minimums. Since there is no gymnastics before I want 2 of each jump and 8 gymnastics skills EACH HALF please
  • Smile and be tight!!
  • LAST BUT NOT LEAST--HAVE FUN and I will be thinking of you guys at your first home game--so sorry I can't be there




Coach K

Minor Changes for September :)

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I wanted to clarify a few of the changes for the month of September.  The girls on Varsity voiced a desire to have study hall before practice.  We are going to test this out and do a study hall on MONDAY'S before practice.  Practice will be after and it will not go any longer than originally scheduled--so it ends at 4:30.  Monday's study hall is MANDATORY and the girls are to meet in the commons after school. 

Study Hall Rules:

  • Everyone attends--unless you make prior arrangements to see a specific teacher.  Then, you need to text me to let me know and bring a note from the teacher so I can verify that you actually were with a teacher.
  • Everyone WORKS the whole time.  If you don't have homework you need to bring a book to read.
  • Eat your snack while doing work so that when practice starts you have energy to participate at 100%
  • You will not be permitted to just sit and talk--if I think not enough work is getting done we will either cancel future study hall sessions or I will make it mandatory to be silent during study hall.

JV--you are welcome and encouraged to attend these if you normally stay after school :)

During competitive season if we do a study hall a couple times a week we will have to extend practice ending time because we cannot shorten practices.  For competitive season you can expect most practices to be between 2.5-3 hours depending on when we have our next competition and how prepared we are.

Varisty GYMNASTICS now starts at 2:45-4:15 and JV is 4:15-5:45 due to the amount of time it takes to get out of class, change, eat, and roll out the mats.

Gymnastics Change

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Hi! I thought I would write a small update on why our gymnastics has changed.  First of all, I know that Friday is not ideal to hold gymnastics, but about a month ago I was put in a tough situation.  I was informed by our current company that they did not have a time slot available for us after school anymore and our gymnastics would have to start with Varsity at 6:30 and JV at 8pm.  This did not work with my schedule or Coach Erin's schedule.  I told the current company this would not work for us and they are very busy so there was nothing they could do.  So, for about a month I was trying to get another company to come out.  I found a highly recommended group that worked with the Division 1 State Champs last year. They were also busy and could fit us in on Friday only.

I know that having gymnastics on Friday is less than ideal—but gymnastics is a VERY important aspect of cheerleading, so I wanted to make sure that I didn't just get some random person to come out when it is good for us. I would rather get people that work directly with cheerleading teams and I have a personal recommendation for.

There are a few plus sides to this company:

1. They are awesome!

2. They charge 10.00 for 1 ½ hours

3. They go to camps/seminars to stay up to date on the latest gymnastics techniques

I am confident this is a good choice for our team :) Varsity, I know that you have games, but gymnastics ends at 4:00 and you will have time to relax before warming up for the game—either on the bus or in the school. Please don't hesitate to email me if you have any further questions!


--Coach K


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Sorry for the change but please look at the new Varsity August calendar.  Practice on August 21st is cancelled due to a school function, and on the following two Wednesdays practice starts at 2:30 instead of 3:00.  My son's football changed so I need to be home earlier to take him.

TEST OUTS FOR GAMES WILL CONTINUE NEXT WEEK.  Final day to test out of chants and the fight song for the first game is Wednesday August 22nd!  Remember:  If you don't know the fight song WELL you will not cheer at all during the game, but you are expected to come.  Any questions--please email me :)

Remember: If you want to host a get together at your house to work on chants/fight song all you have to do is text me and I will add it to the twitter to tell all of the girls!


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Update on Pictures!


Varsity pictures begin at 2:15 and JV begins at 3:00 before gymnastics.  

  • The pictures will be taken outside.  
  • All girls need a navy bodyliner before Monday to wear for the team picture.  
  • You may wear you hair down or however you want but NO JEWELRY!
  • We are wearing old uniforms because our new ones will not be in.  If you uniform does not fit properly you may switch with someone else for your individual shot so it looks nice :)
  • BE ON TIME--we don't want to run into our gymnastics time that we paid for
  • The girls were all given picture forms at practice on Wednesday

Golf Outing UPDATE!

Posted by ekoenigsknecht on August 6, 2012 at 9:45 AM Comments comments (0)

THIS IS IMPORANT INFO about the golf outing--please make sure to share with your parents!

1.  What is mandatory? 


  • Your attendance at the outing itself is mandatory.  You will work in either the early afternoon or late afternoon shift.  We need help with set up, registration, girls at the holes, raffles, and clean up.
  • You need to get at least ONE sponsor or donation.  The outing cannot happen without sponsors for the banner or items to raffle off.  The girls have known about this for weeks now and the community is VERY supportive, so it is expected for each girl to get one donation or sponsor.


Failure to participate in one or both of the items listed above will result in sitting out from a game(s)

2.  Parent and Cheerleader Volunteer Info: Cheerleaders will be given a shift and it is expected that they eat before their shift.  We cannot pay for meals for all of the volunteers because we will use up all of our money we are trying to raise.  PARENT VOLUNTEERS:  If you would like to participate in the dinner and you are NOT golfing, you can purchase a dinner ticket for $25.00.  Sorry we are unable to give you free dinner.  We appreciate all of your help :)  We do need to know who is purchasing dinner tickets on August 9th along with everything else.

3.  What is due AUGUST 9th: All items are due AT PRACTICE AUGUST 9th.  Not after practice or later that night.  The following items are due:


  • Golfer Forms and Golfer Money
  • Sponsor Money
  • Sponsor Donations for Raffle
  • How many dinner tickets (if any) you want to purchase

Lastly, and most imporantly: GO TO THE LINKS SECTION OF THE WEBPAGE and download the form to turn in on August 9th at practice.  This is a checklist that will help make sure you have everything turned in and keep me organized!  THIS FORM IS MANDATORY!


August Update

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Camp was a success!  Both Coach Erin and myself are so excited to get the season offically underway after spending a couple of hard-working days with the girls.  You all should be proud of yourselves for the hard work, dedication, and determination you showed at camp.  More importantly, both teams really came together as a team and supported each other.  We were astonished with how our teams act like a little family :) It was great!

Just wanted to remind everyone of a couple of important dates coming up:

August 8th: Pay to Play is DUE and FIRST DAY OF MANDATORY PRACTICE.  Your physical must also be in and up to date by this day.  If you don't have a physical in, you will not be allowed to practice and it will count as an UNEXCUSED absence. Remember: If you miss a practice excused or unexcused from the 8th forward they will start counting against you and you will have to sit out at games.  Check the rules posted if you are unsure on how many you can miss for the ENTIRE season. 

August 9th: Golfer registration (form is on website), Golfer money, and all prizes/donations are due

August 14th: Varsity is getting fitted for uniforms at practice

August 19th: GOLF FUNDRAISER!  ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY FOR ALL CHEERLEADERS!  If you don't attend, you will be sitting at a game.